JPM Property Management


Offering a streamlined accounting system.

JPM delivers extensive month end reports along with a detailed recap letter of the month’s income and expenses from the Portfolio Manager. We use Rent Manager, a powerful property management software, with complete accounting and reporting resources, intuitive marketing and mobile tools, comprehensive maintenance and property management capabilities, and an open API that allows us to tailor the program to meet our specific needs. Our accounting team provides:

  • Real-time statements
  • Cash-based accounting
  • Transparent accounting with monthly financial reports and annual tax statements
  • Customizable accounting for HUD financing, or other special ownership situations
  • Operational accounting including rent collection, payables management, and annual budgeting.

Extensive Month End Reporting

JPM has several clients that do not visit their properties, and in some cases, have not seen their building in years. These clients rely on us to keep them in the loop. We do this by using pictures and videos and with the detailed month end reporting. Our monthly statements show exactly how we’re growing and protecting your investment.