JPM Property Management


Commercial Real Estate Brokerage in Oregon and Washington.

JPM is looking at the long-term value of the relationship with the client.

Not only is the Portland metro area a beautiful place to live, it is one of the fastest growing markets in the US. The majority of the Portland metro market, and the surrounding area, maintains strong investment returns. In addition to the Portland metro, JPM focuses on prime areas in Oregon and Washington that are within a 200 mile radius of Portland.

Selling a Property

JPM is a licensed Real Estate Brokerage firm in Oregon and Washington. We have and can assist our clients in the purchasing or selling of a property offering market analysis, unit inspection, file auditing, and other tasks associated with a property sale. We only market our brokerage services to current and potential clients. When a client decides to sell, JPM approaches other clients for an expedited, in-house transaction for less of a commission. 

JPM goes above and beyond the typical Brokerage firm as JPM is considering a potential investment from the perspective of a company that will potentially manage the property long-term.

Purchasing a Property

When purchasing a property, we guide our clients through the transaction process and are present for professionally conducted property inspections. We consider all aspects of the property such as: The condition of the siding, roofing, asphalt, grounds, etc. We look for prior water leaks and whether there is mold and/or mildew. We consider the age condition of appliances and flooring. We thoroughly assess the overall housekeeping of tenants. 

JPM considers all aspects of location. Is it in a drive-by location? What is the competition? What is the age of the property? JPM is going to look at the property as something that will potentially be in our portfolio for many years.