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Giving your property the best possible first impression.

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JPM has met and exceeded my expectations from a property management partner. They have successfully incorporated my high level expectations into their execution of the stewardship of the property and the tenants. Small details that I do not care to be involved in, have been efficiently handled, and reported to me in a most compact, yet comprehensive monthly management report. Upon my next investment in the Oregon/Washington area I will most definitely look to Jack Palmer and his team to assist me in my financial endeavor.

—Richard G.


I’m pretty familiar with property management issues. Growing up my grandfather owned a management company, as did my parents. I own a brokerage in Hawaii and we operated a management division for years. JPM is a truly professional operation. Jack Palmer has assembled an excellent team. Statements are detailed and accurate and on time, maintenance is handled promptly but with an eye to minimizing expense, communication is excellent. The last time I suggested Geoffrey do something with one of my buildings he said “Oh, I did that a couple months ago”. You can expect the best from JPM.

—John S.


Jack Palmer and his team at JPM Real Estate Services continue to do an outstanding job managing Crescent Ridge Apartments for me and my co-owner. In fact, working with Jack is just like having a third partner in the business.
Jack knows that residential real estate is a consumer-oriented business and that tenants are customers. He stays on top of the day-to-day issues and keeps us informed of any issues we need to know about. In addition, he has been an active participant in and effective contributor to the various improvement projects that we have undertaken to improve the property and increase its long-term income potential.
Above all, he is a pleasure to deal with

—Peter L.


I have been a client of JPM for over three years. Jack was referred to me by another client of JPM who was extremely satisfied with the services offered. I am the owner of 46 apartment units in SE Portland. JPM from day one has been very professional and extremely knowledgeable about the property management business in the Northwest. They have kept my units rented at nearly 100% for the last three years. The maintenance of my units has been of the highest quality. When problems have occurred they have handled them quickly and to the satisfaction of all concerned. They are always watching the market trends and keep me informed of any changes that need to be made. JPM is a “SPOT ON” company and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of a first rate management team.

—Kathleen L.


The team at JPM Real Estate are wonderful to work with! They have done an excellent job on all levels of communication with regards to our property’s management. Their monthly reports are easy to read and understand. They do a very good job in controlling costs, yet know where to spend the necessary funds to make our property shine. We went from a B+ property to an A within one year thanks to Jack and his trusted team of individuals. I would not only use them again for other properties, but would recommend them to anyone.

—Christine N.


Our LLC has been a client of JPM since 2004. The company has good leadership, is professional, creative and has delivered excellent results to the owners of our 20 unit apartment. JPM maximized our returns during their management and on our investment when we recently sold it. In short, JPM has gone the extra mile for us on a regular basis to help achieve our goals.
Thank you, JPM for an outstanding and successful 13 years of management of our property!

—Bill H.

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Frequently Asked Questions

JPM was formed on October 1, 2004.

JPM provides residential property management, asset management, and accounting.

Asset management handles the management of the building and grounds. Examples of asset management are roof replacements, painting, and landscaping.

Our managed properties are listed on

JPM manages 75 properties which equates to 2500 doors.

All payments are done electronically. We distribute owner cash on or about the 8th of each month for the prior month.

Our fee structure is based on a monthly flat rate or a percentage of total collected income.

Management agreements start on a 1-year basis and then transition to a month to month agreement.

We do not maintain a reserve account. If we have a large project we communicate with the owner that we will need funding.

JPM uses a variety of different marketing tools. All properties are listed on JPM’s residential website and we display specifically designed signage. JPM also uses a variety of marketing platforms including: Craigslist, Zillow, Zumper, Apartment Guide, 24/7, and more.

We conduct a minimum of a monthly visual exterior inspection. We do a unit by unit inspection twice a year.

We budget for a 95% rent collection.

All prospective residents are screened by a third-party screening company using our criteria as a basis. Including: verifiable income of 2.5% of the gross rent, verify employment, pass a criminal background screening, and a rental history verification. We use a credit score to set the security deposit.

JPM is licensed in Oregon and Washington.

Tenant issues, turnovers, evictions, rentals. Day to day running of the property.

JPM manages any type of residential building.

JPM services Metro Portland, Vancouver, and the Willamette Valley.

JPM has approximately 60 full-time employees.

Each owner receives an electronic report through the owner’s portal on or about the 8th of each month. Here is a sample report.

JPM charges an agreed upon supervision fee for asset upgrades. Additional accounting and supervision fees for activities that are above and beyond normal operations.

Of the 60 full-time employees about half are maintenance techs that do most daily tasks on the property. We also have several vendors that we use for bigger repairs or replacement projects.

Typically this it’s based on the size and age of the property.

Our rents are determined based on a Market Survey which includes: size, square footage, location, amenities, and age of property.

Our goal is 3 to 5 business days. However, the condition of the unit and number of vacant units could extend the time.

We currently have a company-wide vacancy of 2%. Our optimal goal is to have a vacancy rate of 5% or less.

We are a paperless company. Applications and rent payments are done online. We use resident portals for work orders and other issues. Because of this we are able to use less employees. This has also allowed us to operate fluidly during COVID.