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Giving owners unfiltered truth in order to maintain the asset.

  • We are committed to maintaining compliance with the frequently changing and sometimes conflicting moratoriums, senate bills, house bills, mandates, ordinances, and other protections at the local, county, state, and federal level to protect our clients’ assets and reduce any legal risk. 
  • JPM has been prompt and consistently responsive to requests for information needed to process tenant-sought rental assistance applications. Resulting in fewer delinquencies. 
  • Additionally, JPM facilitated applications to the Oregon Landlord Compensation Fund (LCF) on behalf of owners for over $945,000.00 in otherwise lost rental income, of which over 90% has been collected and distributed. 
  • Remain available to all customers while protecting employees through work practices that support social distancing and masking.
  • Using email, phone, and Zoom/Google Meet video conference, we continue to aggressively market and lease any available unit. 
  • Safe work practices have evolved as new information is available, we continue routine unit inspections and maintenance using COVID safe work practices.
  • Since the onset of the pandemic in April 2020 JPM has had zero workplace related COVID cases.

JPM Services

Our client base ranges from individual owners to institutions, and are located throughout the United States.  Each property is managed with the owners input to best achieve their expectations from their investment. 

JPM customizes management around each owner’s desires and needs. Our diverse portfolio of properties is managed by onsite, regional, and central office facilities. 70% of our portfolio is suburban Portland metro properties. Between our value-added revenue models, aggressive market analysis and experience managing risk, you’ll find that our management expertise pays for itself over and over again.

Property and Asset Management

JPM Maintains the curb appeal and exterior quality of the asset by performing constant inspections. All employees are trained to thoroughly look over the property. We use the term “first impression and eyes on” so that each property has multiple people scanning for issues. This includes building inspections with a specific focus on the exterior condition of the building and grounds. The interior units, vacant or occupied, are inspected regularly and necessary repairs are completed quickly to keep any damage from getting worse. Investing to maintain your asset will lead to:

  • Raised Rents
  • No Vacancy Loss
  • Faster Unit Turnovers
  • Tennant Stability

When dealing with resident issues, we are governed by Oregon and Washington Landlord Tenant Laws as well as specific city/county laws. These laws are very strict regarding the actions we are allowed to take. As long as it is within the law, we have the ability to react fast to solve the problem.

Whether you own a portfolio of large apartment complexes, a four-plex, or a single-family residence. Your investment is our priority – big or small.

Whether you own a portfolio of large apartment complexes, a four-plex, or a single-family residence. Your investment is our priority – big or small.

Our access to current market data and analysis balanced with our staff’s decades of experience in real estate and property management keep vacancies down and cash flow aggressive.

Our expertise in conforming to Landlord Tenant Laws, FHA and ADA standards ensure your tenants are treated fairly, and you’re protected if issues arise.

JPM staff walks properties weekly and conducts individual unit inspections at least twice a year. Our focus on preventive maintenance keeps surprises low. When maintenance or repair is necessary, we move quickly to perform or coordinate the work to limit downtime.

We reach more of your market by target advertising and maintaining a balance between cost and the needed exposure. We also leverage community media to put your property in front of more people for less money.

Featured Properties Managed by JPM